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Welcome to BackPainToday.com! This site is dedicated to providing with information to help you get rid of your back pain or help you live the best you can with it.


I am Dr. Joel N Charles, I was born in Haiti and as far as I can remember I wanted to be a doctor.  Sometimes, I think my mother pre-programmed me for it. I remember telling people, in first grade, that I wanted to be a doctor.  I doubt if I knew what a doctor really did. I probably knew they gave people shot because in Haiti we were heavily vaccinated.

During my freshman year at Bloomfield College in Bloomfield NJ, while studying biology with the intention of going to Medical school, I was asked if I was “pre-chiro”.  Bloomfield college had the first Pre-Chiropractic program in the country.  In order to get out of a long conversation with him, because I did not speak that much English, I quickly answered “yes” and practically ran.

I had been in the country for less than 2yrs, I spent 6 months in an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) school, then one year at a normal High school, fortunately I didn’t need English to get A’s in High school, thanks to my great education from Haiti.  I knew some much about Geography, world history, American History, Math, Latin… I was asked to teach my social studies class many times.

After unintentionally telling this student that I was a “pre-Chiro” Major, I felt bad.  Luckily, I actually heard him well enough to repeat it and ask somebody, not him, what is “pre-Chiro”.  The first I heard the words “heal by hands” I was, well… in love with Chiropractic.  I went to the librabry, for 4 or 5hrs I read every article in every magazine that had Chiropractic in the title.  The language problem was mostly hearing and fear of speaking. I could understand everything I read.

I wanted to be a doctor, I felt being a Medical doctor was never MY idea, I would have done it if I did not find Chiropractic. Choosing Chiropractic made me feel that I was doing something different, something I choose.  The idea of always having my healing instrument, my hands, with me, was exhilirating.

After I graduated college, I wanted to wait for my girlfriend who had one more year to go and I wanted to earn some money for Chiropractic school, so I enlisted in the U.S Army Reserves. I did my basic training and my job training during the summer and fall.  Things didn’t work out with the girl but the Army ended up paying quite a bit of my Chiropractic education.  While most of my classmates were graduating will $100G in debt, I finished with less than $30G.

I went on to Chiropractic school, practiced for 20yrs and helped a lot of people


Have ever thought about the question “why are you here?”, for me there is one answer to that question, I am here to serve.

In the service of others I will find whatever riches I seek. Click to Tweet

I made money practicing chiropractic, but no check I received was as satisfying as having someone walk out of my office pain free.  I didn’t give them a drug to go take and I am there if and when the drug help. I get to feel and know that I did it with my hands and they are feeling better.  I am not sure if I could have found that in any other profession, even another healthcare profession.


My goal for this site is people to have a place to get information to help them deal with back pain or get rid of back pain all together.  Although low back pain is more common and most trouble some.  This site is dedicated to the spine as a whole.  The spine is one unit, and must be treated together.  Sometimes low back pain can be the result of a neck or midback injury or vice versa.

BackPainToday.com is the place to get the holistic answers you need.  Very few people need drugs and nobody needs the side effects of drugs.  At BackPainToday we will do our best to bring you the latest and most innovative answers for you spinal problems

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Dr. Joel

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